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j.CARMEN was born in Florence, Italy in 2008. The fashion brand for the daring fun girl who embodies the sophisticated woman. 

The brand's first complete collection stepped into New York City's jewelry market in 2011. The debut collection featured hand painted wooden bangles, necklaces and earrings that evoked presence, being full of texture and color. The wood pieces were cut by hand in Brooklyn, New York. Gold, brass and silver chains accentuated the detailing of each piece. 

The brush strokes were applied with time and care by the Founder of j.CARMEN. Much freedom was given to allow the hues and textural components to play with one another. That is the beauty of being a creative and creating Art. You must allow for an idea to formulate without stringent expectations and build each layer one by one. 

j.CARMEN, has progressed and matured its aesthetic. Transitioning from using its initial mediums, paint and wood to focusing on leather constructs. The leather & metal body chains, ankle and wrist cuffs continue to be made by hand with love & care. These one of a kind conversation pieces adorn your body making you the perfect fashion statement for any occasion. 

Today, j.CARMEN is focusing on women's ready-to-wear and swimwear collections. All garments continue to be patterned and sewn by hand. 



 Our team takes the time to create a quality product for you to ADORE. We want you to LOVE the pieces that you ADORN yourself in. We take PRIDE in packaging these quality pieces for optimal presentation the moment it arrives to YOU. We believe you should LOVE the product as well as LOVE the way the product is delivered to you. If you have questions about us, our products, or even shipping, get in touch! 

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